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Epic Iceland



In EPIC ICELAND, Running Retreat and Race, you get it all. The most epic trails, sightseeing and activities. As well as free time in the Capital. And to crown it all, you end the adventure in a trail race with the options of 13 km, 23 km, 43 km or 83 km. 

Get prepped for the race by an accomplished ultra runner and receive tips on running style and how to run trails from a PT who has taught the subject many years to hundreds of runners. 


Day 1, June 28.



Arrive at the airport by Sunday afternoon. Take the Flybus+ which takes you to our hotel in Reykjavík. At 6 PM, you will have dinner at the hotel where you´ll meet your guides and fellow adventures. We will get you excited for what is ahead share what to expect throughout the week! Dinner is included. Afterwards, we´ll take a short running style session in wonderful trails in walking distance from the hotel—a trail running haven in the middle of the city!


Day 2, June 29.

Today, we will explore Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir, commonly referred to as THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. This includes the powerful waterfall of Gullfoss, the site of the original Geysir (yes, you will see one erupt!) and Thingvellir: the beautiful site of Iceland´s ancient Parliament which sits in in a rift valley caused by the separation of 2 tectonic plates, with rocky cliffs and fissures like the huge Almannagjá fault. Then we will do a 10 km run/hike with 750 m elevation in the colourful and gorgeous area Landmannalaugar. The view is incredible. We will stay at a different hotel this night. You buy your own lunch but dinner is included.

Day 3, June 30.


Thorsmörk, or the Valley of Thor, is another scenic place where we will do 10 km run with 200 m. elevation. You will be astonished by this valley which is one of our favourite places in Iceland. En route to our hotel in Vík, we will take a look at two fantastic waterfalls: Seljalandafoss and Skógarfoss, one of which you will walk behind!

Day 4, July 1.

After breakfast, we´ll take a short 5 km jogg/hike. We will practise our running style on the black beach and then hike up a small mountain from where we can see the famous Reynisfjara black beach. After lunch, we will visit the beach itself and then head off for a glacierwalk at Sólheimajökull! Knowledgable guides from Icelandic Mountain Guides will assist you with crampons and lend you an ice axe before taking you for a hike on this amazing glacier. We´ll then head back to Reykjavík to our original hotel where we´ll stay the remaining nights.

Day 5, July 2.


We are getting close to the race, so today we don’t run. Instead, we do some whale watching in a private boat. Then people get their own lunch in downtown Reykjavík where there are plenty of exciting restaurants to chose from. We recommend you try fish and lamb at least once while you´re in Iceland! (Fermented shark and pickled lamb testicles is also a possibility, but only for the hardcore!). We meet again after lunch and take off to the famous Blue Lagoon, where you will unwind and give your muscles a well deserved break before the big day. While having dinner at our hotel, Elísabet Margeirsdóttir, accomplished ultra runner and nutritionist, will share her advise on how to prepare and what to expect in the race.

Day 6, July 3. Raceday!

The Eco Trail Race doesn´t start until in the evening. You can choose between 13 km, 23 km, 43 km and 83 km, so everyone can chose a fitting distance. Eco Trail Reykjavík is held for the fourth time 2020 and has already become one of Iceland´s largest and prestigious trail events.

Those who choose the longer distances will race through the night and experience first hand the Icelandic summernights—where the sun never rests! So no headlight needed. The race ends at Nauthólsvík, the Capital´s popular beach, where you have hot tubs and part of the sea is slightly heated. However, your muscles will thank you if you´re brave enough to take an ice bath in the unheated sea and then end up in the hot tub. Conveniently, our hotel is in walking distance from the beach!

Day 7, Saturday


Eco Trail has a feast a downtown facility for all participants! We meet up there and celebrate with other participants. Other than that, this is your day off. Depending on race distances and shape, some people will spend most of the time at the excellent spa at our hotel while others plan a day trip or chill out and explore down town. Only breakfast is included this day, you choose where you have lunch and dinner.

Day 8, Sunday

It´s time to say good bye to this magical country. But not until we have a mutual breakfast at the hotel where we have our closing ceremonies.

On your way home, your muscles will be tired and your head dizzy with overload of beautiful scenery that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Make Epic Iceland a dream come true!

What is Included?

    Dates: June 28—July 5 2020 

    • Four epic trail runs with Arctic Running guides.
    • 3-4 star hotels all 7 nights (Double occupancy. Single rooms for extra 105.000 ISL, limited availability)
    • All transportation except between the Capital and the Airport and back to the hotel Day 7. 
    • Breakfast all mornings, lunch and dinner most days.
    • A glacier Tour with professional guides
    • A Whale Watching Tour on private boat.
    • Sightseeing Tours: Three awesome waterfalls. A geyser, bubbling mud and geothermal water. Thingvellir, the beautiful site of Iceland´s ancient parliament (the Golen Circle is included). 
    • Admission to the Blue Lagoon. Silica mask, towel and one drink at the swim-up bar.
    • A 2 hour whale watching Tour on private boat.
    • Running style and trail running tips from Birkir Már Kristinsson, PT, seasoned runner and coach. 
    • Admission to the Eco Trail Reykjavík trail race with the distance of your choice: 13, 23, 43 or 83 km. 
    • Race prep by Elísabet Margeirsdóttir, accomplished ultra runner, coach and nutritionist. 
    • The company of fellow adventures!          


    The price is 590.000 ISK (approximately 4287€) with everything mentioned above. The flight is not included. This rate is based on double occupancy. We will pair people of the same gender together if you are not travelling in pairs. Single occupancy is bookable for an extra 105.000 ISK (approximately 763€), but in limited quantity. 

    The confirmation fee is 90.000 (approximately 654€) and is refundable up to 6 months prior to the event (December 29. 2019) After this, the confirmation fee is non refundable so that we can cover cost we need to pay. The remaining 500.000 ISK (approximately 3633€) balance is due 3 months prior to the event.   

    NB: All prices in euros may change may change slightly because of the exchange rate.

    Who is eligible?

    The four common runs we do are only 5-11 km. Rest assured, nonetheless, it will be some of the most amazing trail running experiences of your life. 

    We make sure you won´t spend yourself before the race and keep minimum effort the last two days before the race. All levels of runners can participate, slow and fast runners, recreational runners and seasoned ultra runners. The more experienced ones will be happy to go slow and enjoy the scenery in our common runs in order to save their energy for the race of 43 or 83 km. The less experienced runners can opt to participate in the shorter race distances of 13 or 23 km. Everybody should therefore be able to enjoy themselves and have the trip of their dreams.  


    Helga María. Experienced professional guide, runner, glacier specialist. Coach at our local trail running community.

    Birkir. Physical Therapist, running guide, General Manager and co-owner of Arctic Running. Is responsible for the designing and teaching at our local Trail Running Courses.