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July 03rd 2020

Trail 43km

9 PM

The 43km individual race will start late evening of the 3rd of July, at 21:00, on a bright summer night. Runners should expect to embrace the sunset and sunrise, during the night! Hopefully in a clear sky weather.

The 43km race starts around the middle of the 83km course close by the lake Kleifarvatn near the road Krísuvíkurvegur. Runners will experience different kinds of trails, lava fields, gravel roads, green trails, bush trails, flats and semi tough hilly areas with nice views.

Two water and refreshment stations will be on the course, at around 20km distances from the start and 11km from the finish line. Remember that you have to bring your own cup or bottle to get your drinks there.

The route takes you through very nice and scenic areas. When arriving into Reykjavik city when around 11km are left to the finish line runners will still be running nice trails through scenic routes. The finish line is in the Nauthólsvík beach area just beside a nice hot tub where runners can rest after a nice warm shower. The center of Reykjavik is just minutes away by car. But why hurry away as refreshments will be at the finish line and you can speed up your recovery time by dipping into the refreshing cold sea just meters away from the finish line before or after entering the hot tub where you can be cheering other runners on their final meters to the finish line.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Minimum 1L water supply in refillable bottles
  • Food supply (bars or energy gels)
  • A personal cup or bottle
  • Mobile phone*
  • Smart watch ** fully charged and knowing how to operate it to follow the gpx track from start to finish. 
  • Proof of identity.
* Enter the safety numbers of the organization into its directory, do not hide its number and do not leave without charged batteries for the mobile phone ** Smart watch. Urgent to have it fully charged AND knowing how to operate it to follow the gpx track from start to finish. Refreshment stations are around 20km from start and 11km from finish. Remember to bring your own cup!
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